Little Sahara Styled Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

Ever since I moved to Utah and found out about the Sand Dunes I wanted to do a shoot here.  I set it up back in March and was able to execute it with help from some amazing ladies.  The cream flower print dress was made by the talented Natalie Wynn Designs.  I also enlisted the help of another designer in case my dresses didn't work (which actually my original dress DIDN'T fit so I was grateful these ladies helped out last minute!!) so there's another dress featured here, the white one, which was made by the talented Janay Marie Designs.  Makeup was done by the awesome Whit at Eyre Blush and florals were done by the amazing McKinzie at Leafy Greens Floral!  I would work with all of them again- and hire them if I was planning a wedding or event!  Seriously, these ladies are the sweetest and are so, so talented.  I especially appreciated McKinzie for coming up with all of the amazing arrangements.  I had just asked her to do a bouquet and she went ALL OUT!  Thank you to everyone who helped me bring my vision to life.  I learned a lot, too, in this collaboration so I'm really happy overall.

Runaway Princess Styled Shoot | Provo Castle - Part 2

Again, THANK YOU Paris for being the perfect princess.  THANK YOU Emma for the amazing styling on her hair, THANK YOU Bree for the beautiful dress, and THANK YOU Courtney at Fox Glove Flowers for the absolutely killer bouquet- you just get me.  The weather was perfect on top of it and I am so happy I was able to place my vision into photographs.  Film photography has transformed me- I love the way it's inspired me to create things I normally wouldn't.  This was the headpiece I dreamed about - so random-  but I love it.  I hope you enjoyed this little storybook fairytale I told through images (:

Utah Wedding Photographer Film Provo Castle.jpg
Utah Wedding Photographer Film Provo Castle16.jpg

Model: Paris Allred (@Paristodorojo) Hair: Emma's Parlour (@emmas_parlour) Dress: Bree Lena (@BreeLena) and Florals: Foxglove Flowers & Gifts (@foxgloveutah). 

Runaway Princess Styled Shoot | Provo Castle - Part 1

This shoot was the product of a little boredom, creativity, collaboration, and a dream I had.  I had a dream about this twig-looking princess crown after visiting the Provo Castle one day- and when I woke up, I knew I wanted to do a styled session with that concept.  We've all seen the typical flower crown but I personally haven't seen anyone make an earthy-whimsical "princess crown" so I jumped on the chance.  I didn't know the first thing about making one but it turned out like I had imagined.  You'll see it at the end as this story unfolds (a little teaser) and in part two you'll see her wearing it.  

I don't know- I was kind of making the story up as I went but basically she's supposed to look like she's running away to get married.  And as the shoot goes on you can see her wedding attire come into the scene.  Provo castle was the perfect setting for this, I wanted it to look medieval.  I'm just so happy with EVERYONE who last minute helped out donating their time and talents to bring this to life.  Model: Paris Allred (@Paristodorojo) Hair: Emma's Parlour (@emmas_parlour) Dress: Bree Lena (@BreeLena) and Florals: Foxglove Flowers & Gifts (@foxgloveutah).  I'll post part 2 tomorrow!

I was seriously so grateful for my helpers!   Emma's Parlour .  It's like she could see into my brain better than I could.  I asked for half up half down hair and she nailed it- made it whimsical like I wanted and absolutely gorgeous!  If you need wedding hair, she is amazing! Bree Lena: for volunteering her stunning gown and offering something that matched my vision.  The gold in the crown went with the gold dress and flowed as I had hoped.  Such talent in her designs!  Then there was Foxglove Flowers & Gifts!  I was blown away with the bouquet they conjured.  I gave them a vague idea of what I wanted along with a color scheme and my overall vision and Courtney absolutely nailed it and beyond.  I couldn't be happier with everything and everyone's help!  

M + T in film | Salt Lake City Engagements

I've been sharing both digital and film photography separately on this blog- differentiating between them- because I wanted to get a feel for what my clients wanted.  Although that matters, as the artist, I need to stay true to what I want to do!  I want to shoot film, plain and simple.  Digital and film are different but also very similar and complimentary.  For that reason I will still shoot both but I'm no longer offering "just digital" sessions as I've been doing this year.  My sessions are going to include film, always.  It's hard for a client to know what they like best without seeing the two for themselves- in their own images.  So I'm no longer going to separate them and just post my work!  It doesn't really matter from which format I create my art as long as I love what I've made.