My clients support me so much.  I love what I do and so I wanted to give back.  If you go to my instagram @connieballuff you can enter to win a session with me along with hair and makeup done by the lovely @lesleylind.  I don't do giveaways often, if ever, but since my segment aired on Studio 5 I thought it would be a fun time to meet new people!

Thanks everyone for being amazing clients, friends, and supporters.

Why I Shoot Film

I had the incredible opportunity to be on KSL Studio 5 last week and talk about film!  It airs today!  There were some things I had planned on saying that I didn't get to so I wanted to quickly write a post and talk about why I shoot film, and why I am so passionate about it.  

I started my photography business in 2009... I was in heaven!  Getting paid for doing what you love, is there anything better?  However, even after a couple years though, I wasn't quite satisfied with what I was producing.  My clients loved it- but I wasn't quite "there".  

I remember it was 2011 and I was looking at the work of other photographers - going from website to website - trying to find someone who would inspire me and whose work I felt would match what I wanted for myself.  That's when I ran into a world famous photographer and instantly thought: "HOW.  HOW does he do it?  How does he get this LOOK?  And those COLORS?!?"  There was something about his work that stopped me in my tracks and my thought was: "this is it.  This is what I HAVE to create."  

The months rolled by and I found more and more photographers whose work was blowing me away!  Turned out, every. single. one. of those photographers who were inspiring me did one thing I didn't: THEY SHOT ON FILM!

Light is one of the most beautiful and captivating subjects, and it is never better than when captured on film rather than with pixels. A filmstrip absorbs light to create a soft, romantic and ethereal image.
— Photovision Print Lab

Despite what I was seeing and wanting, I still didn't have the means to become a film photographer myself.  Fast forward to 2014.  Shooting film was my dream and creating images that took MY breath away was all I wanted for my business and clients.  I noticed a photographer I respected had just made the switch to film.  It was obvious.  Their work SANG.   And they were GOOD at shooting film!  If they could do it, so could I.  That's when I made the huge investment and took the giant leap towards my dream.

My husband is incredibly supportive.  Without question, he supported me and allowed me to pursue it.   Sitting here now I am so incredibly grateful I took a step into that unknown.  It has been SO fulfilling and rewarding to create images on film and get all the benefits that film brings to the table.  Let's talk about those:

Why do I shoot film?

1. The colors.  The amazing, creamy, pastel, gorgeous colors.  Nothing can duplicate or replicate the colors of film- no, not even photoshop (even though so many people try).  It's a natural beautiful thing.  It comes from finding the perfect light, nailing exposure, knowing your film stocks and what look you are going for, and working with a great lab.  Digital cameras don't produce naturally beautiful colors.  It's something you have to have a keen eye for and manipulate in post processing.

2. The highlight retention.  Photographers these days "overexpose".  There's a reason for that!  To someone who doesn't know photography, the term "overexpose" seems to mean a mistake on the photographers part.  Not so when taking a portrait.  To overexpose on a persons face is actually the more flattering way to capture a person!  So, photographers everywhere are overexposing.  This is all fine and well except for the fact that then the even BRIGHTER parts of the photo (a white dress, the bright sky), those details, get lost.  At least when shooting digital.  Film is so much more forgiving during overexposure.  The highlight details remain- making your beading or lace on your wedding dress remain.  The exposure overall in a film image is much more even- and that's a huge benefit.

3. The art of photography.  I'm not saying at all that digital photographers are not artists (I shoot digital and think it's great!).  But I think a little of the art gets lost when our limits on shooting know no bounds.  When digital photography came about it allowed for a lot of legroom in shooting.  We are able to shoot to our heart's content and then some.  Shoot as much as possible *click *click *click x's 1,000 and go home and delete the bad ones.  But what shooting film has done for me is that I am much more thoughtful overall. I've shot both digital and film extensively and I can say from experience that film has created a whole new artist in me.  EACH click has a cost now.  That means I want to make it worth it, artistically, and monetarily. That's a good thing.

4. Texture, Depth, Character.  There's a depth to film.  To me, and to my husband (who has a less-trained eye) it just looks more real and true-to-life.  I love that there's film grain, no pixels.  I love the character there.  I even think the bokeh (background blur) is prettier in film.

Photography is an incredible source of storytelling. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love film- it has allowed me to slow down and just be in the moment, and that is something I always encourage others to do. When you take the moment to think of what is happening, why you are taking that specific frame, and then compose and click the shutter, you are making that frame count! I have come to appreciate photography a lot more since I stopped shooting for the sake of shooting and actually began having intention behind each frame.
— Matoli Keely

If I could've said all this on KSL I would've!  It was nerve-racking being on there and trying to express my love for film but I hope I did!  It all comes down to personal preference perhaps; butgiven the choice I will always choose FILM. 

Provo Editorial Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

This was my favorite editorial shoot from last year that I got to attend.  I just love shooting film and everything it has done for the artist in me.  I've had these posted on my home page in an album of it's own but I think it looks too pretty as a blog I had to share again.  Looking back at these images gets me SO excited for spring and summer when everything is green again :)

After Ceremony + Reception | Arizona Wedding

We only had about 20 minutes, if that, after the ceremony and family pictures to take some bride and groom photos.  But I love the dramatic sky and colors in these.  The whole day threatened rain but we were blessed with lots of sunshine during the ceremony (previous post) and really no rain at all.  This wedding was just so much fun and I was grateful to be a part of this sweet couple's big day! 

fine art arizona wedding photographer (14).jpg

Backyard Reception in Salt Lake City | Utah Wedding Photographer

I'm definitely craving the light and colors that summer brings!  Such a difference from winter when there are very little greens and few and far between sunny days.  I can't complain though because Utah is the best.  I love getting to shoot weddings here in this beautiful state with all the variety that it brings.  This year is already shaping up to be the best yet for me and I cannot wait to see how it all goes down (especially all the film scans I will be anxious for, all year).  I've got a couple out of state weddings already booked which I'm looking forward to as well.  2016 here we go!

So this beautiful backyard reception was filled with so much light and love.  I love being apart of such a special day.  My brides and grooms are the best in the world!  Check out this cake (below)!

salt lake city wedding photographer22.jpg
salt lake city wedding photographer37.jpg

Ally + Schaeffer SLC Temple Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

Here's a session from early summer last year.  I got to work with these two for their engagements, bridals, and wedding day.  They are seriously the sweetest couple!  I probably say this every post of theirs.  These images were shot on the brightest time of day, but film can handle it!  There are some digital captures in here too.  I don't post too many group photos here because quite frankly they are just standard- but I guess you lovely potential clients would like to see more of what you'd be getting, yeah?  

salt lake city wedding photographer12.jpg