Brandon + Corinne Wedding | Arizona Film Photographer

Back in the summer I had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in Phoenix.  It was one of my first weddings incorporating film.  Here are some film shots from the day!  I got PLENTY of great digital shots but I just love the color and feel of film so that's what I'm sharing!  When we took these it was after the cute couple said "I do" and before the reception - at a park in Phoenix.  A dust storm was rolling in but we were lucky it didn't mess with us too bad- just a little cloud cover (:

Gilbert Riparian Reserve in Film | Arizona Family Photographer

My love for film photography has only deepened in the last few months.  It really is something special, don't you agree?  This was my first shot of a family on film and I really love it!  I can't wait to take my business to Utah and get to shoot at new locations and meet new people... but I have to say I have been so grateful for everyone who has ever booked me in the past five years.  Can you believe this is my FIFTH YEAR?!  I'm especially grateful to my returning clients; like this sweet family.  Tansey, I hope you do come to Utah so I can take your pictures again!  Such a sweet, gorgeous family.

Brooke on film

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted.  I've shot so much film since I got my film camera and this is only my second post of my film shots?  Craziness.  If you wanted to see more examples go HERE where I also show you the difference between film and digital.  I have pricing for each medium so before you book with me it's good to know what style of photography interests you the most!

So this is Brooke.  You saw her in a previous post.  She contacted me again about doing this styled shoot.  I love a retro feel in pictures!  Anyway I'll do my best to post more... and if you are a client and your pictures didn't make it to my website of Facebook it's not because I don't love you... I literally post like 1% of my work!  Thanks to ALL who I have had the chance to work with year.  It's been the best year yet!

Annie | Arizona Senior Photographer

Earlier this year I got to work with several awesome seniors.  I was able to try out this new location and I loved it!  I haven't been back since it's a little ways from me but I hope to go back before I move!  Those red rocks are gorgeous, as is this adorable senior!  This was before I even bought my film camera otherwise I would've taken that along.



Hello all!  I'm running an AWESOME giveaway over on instagram!  One person will win a photo shoot from me and another will win a $50 visa gift card!  That way, if you don't live near me for a photo shoot you can still share and participate for a chance to win.  I would love it if you entered!  Go check it out! Instagram: @connieballuff

I don't do giveaways very often so don't miss out!  Also, stick around because there are going to be some fun changes around here.

Boho Styled Shoot - Part 1 | Mesa, Arizona Photographer

I was privileged to get to photograph these lovely ladies just this past weekend.  Harley Chapman, a local makeup artist and hairdresser contacted me about this project.  She was the brains behind this collaboration and she did an excellent job styling these girls!  What gorgeous models too, am I right?  Anyway I hope you enjoy part one of these- part two will be just as fun (and include an old Ford truck)!  You can find Harley on instagram at @harleydoeshair if you are looking for a talented lady to help you out with your hair or makeup!

commercial photographer styled shoot az.jpg
commercial photographer styled shoot az2.jpg
commercial photographer styled shoot az7.jpg
commercial photographer styled shoot az18.jpg
commercial photographer styled shoot az19.jpg

Katie + Timo | Mesa, AZ DenMar Estate Wedding Reception

Katie and Timo were such a sweet couple!  Aren't they just so adorable?!  I was blessed to get to work with them for their engagements, bridals, and wedding day.  Here are some of their reception photos.  I took and posted probably too many candids of people; but I love candids!  And I remember not even remembering who showed up to my reception (like I knew half the names in our guest book!) and so I wished I had more pictures to go along with it.  Thanks Katie and Timo!

denmar estate wedding mesa arizona1.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona4.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona7.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona8.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona9.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona11.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona12.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona13.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona14.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona17.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona18.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona21.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona28.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona29..jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona29.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona33.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona36.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona39.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona40.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona41.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona42.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona45.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona46.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona47.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona48.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona49.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona51.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona52.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona53.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona54.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona55.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona59.jpg
denmar estate wedding mesa arizona60.jpg

Wright House Provencal Reception | Mesa, Arizona Photographer

Weddings at the Wright House in Mesa are always so beautiful.  I love their Provencal setting.  I get to go back later this month for another reception here, I'm excited!  This was Brandon and Haley's reception.  I had the privilege of working with them on their engagements, bridals, and wedding day!  I don't know why I blogged the reception first but here it is!  I loved the florals and details.  They had a cute family dinner before the reception; then dancing and partying.  I have to say the hardest part of my job is watching everyone dance; one of these days I might just join in (:

Sparkler send-off's are my favorite kind.  So glad they had one of those, too!

wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer1.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer3.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer8.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer18.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer24.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer29.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer30.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer43.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer45.jpg
wright house mesa arizona wedding photographer47.jpg

Kurt + Missi | Mesa, Arizona Photographer

I've worked with this couple a lot and I really love it.  This day of shooting was an interesting one for me.  I had two shoots scheduled that day and I started feeling really sick.  Even though I was coming down with a bug, the show went on.  I'm so grateful for this year and the success it's been so far.  Even though things are going well I always feel a tug to do more and change things.  I don't know what it is!  Anyway there are BIG things happening and I'm so excited so stick around to hear about it soon.

mesa arizona photographer engagement photographer1.jpg
mesa arizona photographer engagement photographer3.jpg
mesa arizona photographer engagement photographer5.jpg
mesa arizona photographer engagement photographer7.jpg
mesa arizona photographer engagement photographer8.jpg
mesa arizona photographer engagement photographer10.jpg

On a walk | Arizona Lifestyle Photographer

I don't do lifestyle sessions very often, but I love them!  The idea is that you are just interacting with your family and getting non-traditional photos of you being you.  I love the idea of pictures being taken of LIFE rather than always just taking photos of sitting and smiling.  Those are great too; but they definitely don't capture the every day interactions we have with each other.  This cute little family and I went on a walk around the block.  I just followed them around.  I loved the way they played and acted real.  

If you are interested in getting your everyday life captured in meaningful photographs, shoot me an email!  I'd love to work with you.  That nursery you worked so hard on, your fun backyard, your baby's favorite blanket... THOSE are things you'd want remembered right? (:

arizona lifestyle photographer 1.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 3.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 8.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 10.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 19.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 26.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 27.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 17.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 25.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 14.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 23.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 21.jpg
arizona lifestyle photographer 30.jpg