Tony on Film | Provo, Utah Fine Art Film Photographer

If I haven't said it enough before... I LOVE FILM!!  It really allows me to feel like an artist.  I love the texture, the tonal range, highlight retention... I could go on.  It really is so fun and beautiful to shoot.  How about this portrait I took of my husband, Tony?  This was taken in one try.  That's the other thing I love about film.  Because it is so expensive per click I am very careful with each image to set it up exactly how I want it, to focus it right, and achieve the best results.  When it comes to capturing faster moments I shoot digital so I get the best of both worlds!

I have several weddings coming up this year (and one under my belt that I CAN NOT wait to get the scans back from) and I feel so blessed.  Being new to the area hasn't been so bad after all (;

Miss K | Utah Photographer

Here are some shots of my daughter I took a couple weeks ago on film.  When we got family pictures taken a few months ago she was being such a stinker and wouldn't just not smile at the camera- she would frown big time.  So, I had to get one of her!  She was still being a stinker- wouldn't look at me or would want to run off but I think the few I got still turned out sweet.  Maybe I'm biased (;

She looked down right when I snapped this!  Even though I only got four shots and she hardly cooperated, I still love them all.  I think it's impossible for a mother to hate any image of her kids though- even a picky artist like me :p

She looked down right when I snapped this!  Even though I only got four shots and she hardly cooperated, I still love them all.  I think it's impossible for a mother to hate any image of her kids though- even a picky artist like me :p

Foxglove Flower | Provo, Utah Photographer

In January and February I had some time to do some personal work.  I tried out a new lab, tried some new film, and decided ultimately to go with what I know and love (although it's good to gain experience by trying new things!)  Here are some of those images I took doing just that.

I wanted to post about Foxglove flower because I absolutely love their aesthetic.  They are a little quirky and different when it comes to your flower arrangements, which is cool.  I would love to shoot a wedding where they were involved!  Just saying...


Canyon Lake, Arizona | Utah Engagement Photographer

I love that I'm posting Arizona pictures and titling it "Utah Photographer".  That's what I get for moving I guess (:  Well, these ARE from 36 weeks ago so I guess I had time to post them earlier.  Anyway, aren't these two adorable?!  I was happy they contacted me to take their engagements at such a gorgeous setting.  I had never been to this lake so I'm glad I got a chance to!  What was even better was that when we first started our session, a nice man came up to us and offered us a ride on his boat to this remote spot towards the back (that we would've NEVER been able to get to without a boat).  Not only did I get a boat ride on this shoot but I made some new friends.  I have so much fun doing what I do!  These images are all digital before I got my film camera!

Desert Maternity Shoot | Maternity Photographer

The first image was shot on film and the rest are digital.  Do you see a difference?  Honestly I love the soft look of film so, so much.  Also, that faint sun flare is out of this world.  Anyway, dont you love the creativity here?  She showed up with all these fun outfits showcasing her darling little bump.  I also got to meet and photograph their baby which was a treat!


Brandon + Corinne Wedding | Arizona Film Photographer

Back in the summer I had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in Phoenix.  It was one of my first weddings incorporating film.  Here are some film shots from the day!  I got PLENTY of great digital shots but I just love the color and feel of film so that's what I'm sharing!  When we took these it was after the cute couple said "I do" and before the reception - at a park in Phoenix.  A dust storm was rolling in but we were lucky it didn't mess with us too bad- just a little cloud cover (:

Gilbert Riparian Reserve in Film | Arizona Family Photographer

My love for film photography has only deepened in the last few months.  It really is something special, don't you agree?  This was my first shot of a family on film and I really love it!  I can't wait to take my business to Utah and get to shoot at new locations and meet new people... but I have to say I have been so grateful for everyone who has ever booked me in the past five years.  Can you believe this is my FIFTH YEAR?!  I'm especially grateful to my returning clients; like this sweet family.  Tansey, I hope you do come to Utah so I can take your pictures again!  Such a sweet, gorgeous family.